The Apple computer is somewhat peculiar in its implementation of high resolution graphics. The most significant bit of each byte on the graphics page is reserved as the 'color' bit, while the other 7 bits are the pixels being displayed. In 7BIT mode, the MicronEye transmits data so that it is compatible with the Apple's high resolution format; or, in other words, 7 bits of image pixels per byte. The alternative to 7BIT mode is 8BIT mode. 8BIT mode causes the MicronEye to transmit in normal bitmap format (all 8 bits in the byte contain image data). 8BIT mode is used by all computers other than the Apple. For non-display use on the Apple the 8BIT mode can be useful. (The GREYPIC program in the Apple software uses both the 8BIT mode and 7BIT mode as it creates gray-scale images for the Epson).