This system has all of the drive electronics and IS32 OpticRAM on a 6"x3"x1" card which is mounted in a rectangular camera case. It also includes a 3"x3" serial interface card suitable for inserting in the Apple II, IBM PC, Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer and Commodore 64. The advantage the Camera has over the Bullet is that the Camera may be located remotely from the computer (up to 50 feet away).

For computers on which custom MicronEye interfaces are not available, an RS-232 compatible version of the MicronEye Camera is available. The RS-232 MicronEye Camera comes equipped with a male DB25P connector. Pin 2 (transmitted data) carries data from the MicronEye to the computer. Pin 3 (received data) sends data from the computer to the MicronEye. Pin 7 is a common ground. Power for the MicronEye (+5V capable of driving a 50 mA load) must be made available to the MicronEye on Pin 11.

The MicronEye RS232 Camera