For viewing objects at close range it is recommended that the user purchase a close-up lens. Since the MicronEye utilizes a standard C-mount lens, most camera retailers provide a wide assortment of special purpose lenses directly compatible with the MicronEye. The lens is designed for viewing objects at a distance of at least 18 inches. Also supplied with the MicronEye is a close-up ring which allows the MicronEye to view objects as near as five inches. From this distance, normal text is clearly readable. The ring can be installed by unscrewing the lens from the MicronEye, inserting the ring over the threads of the lens screw, and screwing the lens back into the MicronEye. The ring acts as a spacer and extends the focal length of the lens. For experimenting with viewing objects as close as two to three inches, an acceptable short-term solution is to slowly unscrew the lens until the object comes into focus (taking care not to unscrew the lens so far that there are insufficient threads to hold the lens onto the MicronEye).