The lens supplied with your MicronEye is an F1.6 16mm lens with adjustable f-stop. Please note that the lens has two controls which must be adjusted before the MicronEye will operate successfully: f-stop and focus control. The f-stop controls the amount of light admitted through the lens while the focus control, focuses the image on to the surface of the image sensing device (the IS32 OpticRAM).

For normal use, the lowest f-stop setting (1.6) is recommended. Any increase in the f-stop requires a compensating increase in the light source or in the exposure time. Please note there is a "C" setting which completely closes the aperture. A mechanical shutter is not needed since this function is performed electronically by the MicronEye.

The depth of focus (the distance the scene can move in relation to the MicronEye and still be in focus) is increased at higher f-stops. To optimize the result, increase the amount of light and/or the exposure time. A tradeoff of lighting, exposure time, f-stop and scene-to- MicronEye position is necessary to optimize the result.