When a command is sent to the MicronEye with SEND mode selected, the MicronEye will begin transmitting an image. In nearly all cases, the command sent to the MicronEye will have the SEND mode selected. The only time SEND mode is not desirable is the situation where a significant amount of processing must take place between transmission of images. In this situation, a user may chose to receive an image from the MicronEye, send a command to the MicronEye and REFRESH without sending, go away and process the image, send a command to the MicronEye to SOAK without sending, wait for the desired exposure time, and then send a command to have the MicronEye transmit the image.

When the MicronEye is sent a command with the SEND bit clear, the MicronEye begins transmitting an image to the computer. After the image has been sent, the MicronEye stops transmitting data, goes into a soak state, and waits for a new command. When the MicronEye is sent a command with the SEND bit set to 1 then the camera will not transmit data and will refresh or soak depending on the setting of the REFRESH bit.

Please note that when the SEND bit is set to 1, the ALTBIT bit should also be set to 1. Failure to do so will cause the first row of the subsequent image to be offset by 1 pixel.