The MicronEye configured for use with the Apple II requires at least 48K of memory. The MicronEye is compatible with the Apple II+ and the Apple IIe.

Remove your MicronEye from its shipping carton. If you have purchased a Bullet, it will already be fully assembled. All that is required of you is to unfold the legs of the tripod and stand the MicronEye upright. If you have purchased a Camera, you will have to connect the Camera to the interface board with the cord which is provided.

Take a moment to examine the lens provided with the MicronEye. You will notice that there are two lens controls which must be adjusted before the MicronEye will operate successfully: f-stop and focus control. The f-stop controls the amount of light admitted through the lens and, for normal use, the lowest setting (1.6) is recommended. Any increase in the f-stop requires a compensating increase in the light source or in the exposure time. The recommended operating distance of the MicronEye is 18 inches or greater from the object it is viewing. You may be required to make a slight adjustment to the f-stop setting and/or the focus control once you have the MicronEye actually viewing an object.

Switch off the power to your computer, and you are ready to install the interface card into any available slot in the Apple. With the computer keyboard facing you, insert the interface card into the computer with the components on the right side of the card. The computer initially expects it in slot 2, but this can be changed from the keyboard once inside the program.

Insert the MicronEye diskette into the disk drive and switch on the power to your Apple. The MICRONEYE program is automatically invoked when the Apple is turned on.