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Apple IIgs production figures! Current counts are 2,617,184 based on the computer s/n or 931,816 based on the keyboard s/n.
Help us in finding how many Apple IIgs were produced by sending the serial number of your units and keyboards. The s/n can be found on the bottom side of the items. Send it to

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  • 2018.7.9 / Chuck Sommerville's first program!
    Thanks to a recent discussion on Facebook, I realized I did not acquire Mandala Supreme (Systems Design Lab), written by Chuck Sommerville in December 1978. Here it is with its B-side: Thinkum.
  • 2018.7.9 / Snakebyte gets an update!
    An update to the marvelous game written by Chuck Sommerville and published by Sirius Software in 1981.

  • 2018.6.14 / The 65816 documentation of the Cortland
    Find volume 7 of the Cortland documentation: everything you ever wanted to know about the 816 but were afraid to ask!

  • 2018.4.4 / New cassette and How to acquire!
    Another cassette identified: Confrontation by GRT Corporation. And learn how to acquire an Apple II cassette with a modern computer (see the link at the bottom of the dedicated cassettes page)
  • 2018.4.1 / Juiced.FR
    Juiced.FR, magazine trimestriel dédié à l'Apple II, bientôt disponible !

  • 2018.1.11 / DOS 3.4
    Another product, another proof of concept, another project: Apple's DOS 3.4. A way to learn the inners of DOS 3.3 and offer a patched version with lower-case support and perharps other features.
  • 2018.1.10 / DOS 4.4
    Another product, another proof of concept, another project: Apple's DOS 4.4. A way to learn the inners of DOS 3.3 and offer a patched version to the community with source code.
  • 2018.1.7 / New cassette!
    Automated simulations' Invasion orion is now online.
  • 2018.1.1 / Happy New Year 2018
    Olivier Zardini and Antoine Vignau wish you and yours a happy new year 2018

  • 2017.12.27 / New cassettes!
    ALF Products 13-2-1A and GRT Corporation Outwit and Jorma H.'s Instant Software Mimic are now online.
  • 2017.9.13 - 2017.12.9 / The Apple IIx Project
    From the early days of the Apple II and the Apple IIgs, x-rated products were published. Find a compilation of x-rated animations, texts, and videos, in a single place. Contact us if you have others!
    42 new items thanks to Jorma H.

  • 2017.8.17 / 666 cassettes!
    The manual of Hayden's Songs in the key of Apple, and the complete package of Winged Samurai by Discovery Games! Other cassettes (ALF, Programma) on eBay at that time, I hope to win the auctions!
  • 2017.7.30 / New cassettes added!
    Gifts from KansasFest: Adventure International's Adventure 1 (Adventureland) and Adventure 3 (Mission impossible), Instant Software's double-sided Math tutor I and Math tutor II. Thank you again!
  • 2017.7.6 / La Crapule by Froggy Software finally available for the Apple II!
    We are happy to release La Crapule (EN: The Villain), an original adventure game by Froggy Software, published in 1987 for the Macintosh only and now available on the Apple II computer! We even have special offers for the attendees of the KansasFest and Apple II Festival France events!

  • 2017.5.9 / New cassettes identified!
    Thanks for Ian B. on Twitter, new cassettes identified by Apple, Micro Instructional (audio), MUSE, Programma, Star Craft, and System Design Lab. It is now time to acquire them, Ian :-)

  • 2017.4.19 / i'm fEDD up supports your 8-bit memory card
    i'm fEDD up goes v2.3 and now supports copy in one pass on a IIe with a RamWorks-like card (get yours at a minimum of 3MB is recommended. Read the Release notes file for more information.
  • 2017.3.31 / Two modern cassettes!
    David Schmenk's Light Cycles demo and Michael Packard's Alien Downpour Alpha 4 cassettes added in the misc section.

  • 2017.2.16 / Maintenance release of the 4soniq demo disk
    Now at version 1.1, the demo program of the 4soniq features (w/source code) now quits. You can launch the program from the Finder, yoohoo!

  • 2017.1.6 / Happy New Concept 2017!
    When the EDD routines meet the Electric Duet ones: move the disk drive arm in sync with playing an Electric Duet tune. Source code is included, do whatever you want with it!
  • 2017.1.5 / Happy New BitStrYear 2017!
    i'm fEDD up goes v2.2 and now supports copy in one pass on a IIgs and export FDI files (for $23 tracks, .25 step). The Prefix command can also delete unlocked binary files to make room on your destination volume. Read the Release notes file for more information.
  • 2017.1.4 / Happy New Multipla-Year 2017!
    Learn how to program the 4play joypad controller card by Alex Lukazi. We wrote some code in 2016 to support that wonderful interface card. Get one and support it!
  • 2017.1.3 / Happy New Octophonic Year 2017! (bis)
    Learn how to program the Sound toolset of the Apple IIgs toolbox to output a sound to any of the eight available channels of the ensoniq. The source code is included and was used to test the great 4soniq card by Manila Gear.
  • 2017.1.2 / Happy New Octophonic Year 2017!
    Following the recent Juiced.GS article about the quadri/octophonic 4soniq card by Manila Gear, find Huibert Aalbers' SoundSmith v2b and Tool219 v2 that both support up to eight output channels. Enter a new sound dimension with the Apple IIgs! The NinjaTracker Tool 221 is also updated and supports the 4soniq card.
  • 2017.1.1 / Happy New Year 2017 with Pleins Gaz!
    Olivier Zardini and Antoine Vignau wish you and yours a happy new year 2017. Let's begin gently with the grand opening of the sale of Pleins Gaz by Froggy Software. A complete package for 6 euros (inc. VAT, excl. shipping)

  • 2016.10.1 / Four new cassettes and a new publisher!
    Thanks to Jonas G., we have a new publisher: ROMCA. Probably a reseller from the Netherlands. Programs are dated March 1978. New cassettes for ALF, GRT Corporation and a manual for Systems Design Lab.

  • 2016.9.26 / Pleins gaz by Froggy Software available again!
    We are happy to release Pleins gaz, an arcade game by Froggy Software and Richard Soberka, for its 30th birthday!

  • 2016.7.18 / Tribute to Alexander Siegfried
    A long time ago, in Germany, one young programmer wrote Tetris in Applesoft BASIC...
  • 2016.7.14 / Two new cassettes and a new publisher!
    In France, this is the national day, aka Bastille day. Discover two new cassettes: Apple song tape 1 from ALF Products (a new publisher) and one full of Games in the Misc section. 650! Yes, 650 cassettes have been identified so far.
  • 2016.7.13 / One new cassette
    Turf Analysis by Systems Design Lab joins the collection. Update on MUSE's Escape.

  • 2016.6.30 / One new cassette from a new publisher
    Thanks to James Littlejohn, discover the Graphics package 114 by 525 Video. GR and HGR demos from 1978!

  • 2016.5.28 / One new cassette
    Motocross by Chris Oberth, published by Programma is now available.
  • 2016.05.11 / i'm fEDD up goes v2.1
    This is a maintenance release to better handle the config file. NIB files are not created if they are not needed. Available blocks on volume is now refreshed before the required free blocks is calculated, you can now "hot un/plug" your USB stick with i'm fEDD up running.

  • 2016.4.7 / Tribute to the French United Crackers Klan
    We are great fans of the works of the French United Crackers Klan/Miami Software and we wanted to thank them for what they have brought to the Apple IIgs. Find a page with their software (cracks, demos, games, slide shows, utilities) and source code (yes, source code of ZZCopy ;-)) now. Thank you, Guys!
  • 2016.4.5 / Two cassettes identified
    Thanks to Tony B., two cassettes added to the list from Softape and Hayden Book Company, Inc. One new publisher, thanks to François M.
  • 2016.03.30 / Say Hello to the "Universe"
    Discover early documentation of Universe, AKA the Apple IIgs ROM 3 ROM and System Software 5.0.
  • 2016.03.29 / "Discovery": codename for the IIgs ROM3
    Discover early documentation of Discovery, AKA the Apple IIgs ROM 3.

  • 2016.02.14 / Game playing with BASIC tapes 2 and 3
    Two new cassettes to complete the Game playing with BASIC collection from Hayden Book Company, Inc.
  • 2016.02.10 / i'm fEDD up goes v2
    Thanks to John Brooks, we can archive our 3.5" disks. Thanks to 4am and his numerous requests, you can load/save your config, write or skip writing files, productivity++. We have added several text files for emulators coders to support .EDD, extended .NIB and .N35 files.
  • 2016.02.07 / You, DustHead! v1.1
    David L. wanted the "Change 5.25" slot & drive", it is now available. Olivier wanted an animation, it is here. And your configuration is now saved and loaded at startup.
  • 2016.02.07 / You, DustHead!
    Say Hello to our disk head cleaning utility. Insert a cleaning diskette in your 3.5" or 5.25" drive and, thanks to DustHead, have it (them) cleaned by moving the disk arm.

  • 2016.01.10 / Know yourself (4 programs)
    Another cassette from Creative Computing Software!
  • 2016.01.01 / Happy new year!
    Olivier and Antoine wish you and yours a happy new year. Please also welcome four new cassettes!

  • 2015.09.08 / One new cassette and a manual
    The original Applesoft II program and demo of SubLogic's A23D1 by Jim Harter, Personal Computers, Inc. Softape's Forte manual is now digitzed and available. The two archives have also been updated.
  • 2015.09.03 / One new cassette
    Mission impossible adventure joins the set of Creative Computing cassettes.

  • 2015.08.28 / French Underground
    France has always been the most prolific market for underground Apple II software, discover the nearly complete collection!

  • 2015.07.08 / System "It can be done" 6.0.2
    22 years, 2 months, 2 days and 2 hours after the last release of Apple IIgs' System disk, the 6.0.2 update is coming as a proof of concept. More to come soon!

  • 2015.06.15 / NinjaTracker Tool221
    Enter a new level in Apple IIgs music quality thanks to the FTA and Ninjaforce, play Soundsmith-like Amiga MOD files in your programs.

  • 2015.05.08 / One new cassette and manuals
    The latest and last Bob Bishop's addition: Softape's Star warriors and Space maze. Plenty of French manuals and books in the /products/france/ folder, please browse by date.

  • 2015.04.28 / One new cassette and a manual
    Adding one cassette and a half from Bob Bishop and published by Powersoft: Saucer invasion. Space maze will come later, the tape is broken. The manual of Program design's Step-by-step is now available.
    Space maze is now available in the Cassettes / Powersoft section.
  • 2015.04.22 / Two new cassettes
    Adding two cassettes from Bob Bishop and published by Powersoft: Rocket pilot and Star war.
  • 2015.04.19 / Fifteen new cassettes!!
    A major update with ten new cassettes from Innovative Computer Programs (Hi, Ron!), Instant Software, MUSE, Programma, subLogic and Wise Owl Workshop (a new name). Thank you, Paul and David!
  • 2015.04.05 / One new cassette from Bob Bishop
    Find Bob Bishop's Assembler, published by Powersoft, brand new with its manual.

  • 2015.03.14 / New cassettes
    Three new cassettes identified. The count now reaches 630!

  • 2015.01.06 / Merlin 32
    Brutal Deluxe Software releases Merlin 32, a multi-pass 6502 65c02 and 65c816 cross assembler for Windows, MacOS and Linux!

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