Pleins gaz

The Story behind Pleins gaz
Pleins gaz was written by Richard Soberka in 1986. It was released by Froggy Software later that year but the company, owned by Jean-Louis Le Breton, closed its doors shortly after. The game sold a few copies only!

Brutal Deluxe Software is proud to make it available again in an updated version with the agreement (blessing ;-)) of Richard and Jean-Louis. The first three signed copies by Jean-Louis and Richard will be auctioned on eBay.

Richard is a well-known hacker and programmer of the French Apple II scene. Jean-Louis is the author of the first Apple II adventure games in French and has released more than ten games through Froggy Software.

The package
Now, get a complete package like in the 80's: a zip-lock bag, a floppy disk (French version) and a manual! Only 75 copies are available.

The game runs on Apple //c, //e, IIgs ROM 01 and ROM 3 with at least 128K. This version 1.2 runs under ProDOS and is hard-disk drive installable.

Pleins gaz Package

Version complète - Prix : 6 euros (TVA incluse) + 2 euros (livraison France)
Complete version - Price: 6 euros (inc. VAT) + 2 euros (shipping to France)
Version complète - Prix : 6 euros (TVA incluse) + 3 euros (livraison Europe)
Complete version - Price: 6 euros (inc. VAT) + 3 euros (shipping to Europe)
PLEINS GAZ (Rest of the world)
Version complète - Prix : 6 euros (TVA incluse) + 4 euros (livraison reste du monde)
Complete version - Price: 6 euros (inc. VAT) + 4 euros (shipping to the Rest of the world)

See Pleins gaz in action!

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Shipment status (if you're here, you'll receive it shortly)

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