The ENHANCED EYE program goes a step further than any of the other Apple MicronEye programs. It manipulates the pixels received from the camera to improve the image quality. Because of the amount of processing required for manipulation, the processing is done between scans. This slows down the frame to frame operation of the camera but provides an image of greater quality than any of the other methods demonstrated in other programs.

When the program begins, the display image is 256 x 64. Once the subject has been focused and the appropriate light level determined, the user can type "E" to enter the ENHANCE mode, "F" to enter the ENHANCE mode with FILLIN, 'U' for UNENHANCED mode, and 'N' to return to the 256 x 64 mode.

The actual enhancement of the image is done relatively fast. But because of the way the Apple high resolution graphics are implemented (1 color bit and 7 data bits per byte) and the fact that the enhancement is performed on a bitmap image (8 data bits per byte), the time required to convert the bitmap image to the Apple format takes in excess of a second. For non-display applications the ENHANCER assembly language routine could be modified to perform the enhancement but skip the display to screen, thereby greatly increasing the operating speed of this program.

The following set of real-time commands are available from the ENHANCED EYE program: