The COMMANDER program is a lower level program than the MICRONEYE program. The program asks for a hexidecimal (Pascal) or decimal (Applesoft) command. This command corresponds with the command descriptions found in versions of the MicronEYE.

If the SEND mode is selected in the command byte, the user is also prompted for a soaktime. In the COMMANDER program, soaktime is the time in milliseconds that the program will wait at the end of each frame to allow the camera additional exposure time. If SOAK mode is selected, then the total exposure time will be the transmission time plus the soaktime.

If SOAK mode is not selected then total exposure time will equal the soaktime. The computer will continue to send the camera the specified command until the user types a key on the keyboard. The user will be reprompted for another command unless the letter typed was a "Q". A "Q" will exit the program.

Commands less than decimal 192 (CO hex) will inhibit the camera from operating properly and probably cause the computer to hang.