April 2022 - Download the source code of Dragon's Lair : Escape from Singe's Castle for the Apple IIgs. Original code by Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini

The Source Code archive contains the following items:

  • DragonsLair1.s: Core functions of the Game
  • DragonsLair1.Screen.s: Static Screens Library (Startup, Select Difficulty, Score & Life, Insert Disk)
  • DragonsLair1.Shared.s: Common Fonction Library (Memory Allocation, LZ4 Unpack, Load/Save Data...)
  • DragonsLair1.Data.s: Game Data TOC
  • DragonsLair1.Bitmap.s: Game Bitmap Library
  • DragonsLair1Link.s: Make File for Merlin 32
To assemble, Merlin32.exe -V LibraryPath DragonsLair1Link.s

The Graphic Data archive contains all frames of animation (game + death) and the static screens (title, credit, score, insert disk...).

Download :

GameSourceCode.zip archive

GameGraphicData.zip archive