Antoine's collection of Apple cassettes

From 1977 to 1982, several companies produced cassettes for the first Apple I and IIs. This project deals with providing Apple I and II enthusiasts with scans and audio extracts of those cassettes.

Find an archive of the different programs that have been read (audacity) and transformed (ciderpress) into a computerized format. Each folder contains pictures of the cassette as well as an archive of the audio file (WAV, 22 kHz, 8-bit mono)

YOU can participate in that project by providing me with your cassette scans and audio extracts, I'd be delighted to upload your contents to our site. I think it may then move to a secure repository (even though I make backup of the site)

We'd like to thank Brian, Ron, Philip, Dirk, Jonas, Kazuo, Paul, Rory, Tim, Todd, and Tom who are participating in that project.

Apple II cassettes per publisher (number of cassettes published, 677 as of 24/NOV/2020)

Some interesting links to download Apple I and II cassettes: