v1 - April 2021

The Full Métal Planète board game was released in 1988 by Ludodélire. The computer game was originally developed by Hitech Productions. Thanks to Brainstorm Software, we had a French-only Apple IIgs version in 1992-1994.

Now in 2021, with the blessing of Brainstorm Software, we made an English version of the game for others to have fun with FMP.

Full Métal Planète is a strategy game. The computer plays the referee. You land your freighter on Full Métal Planète for an extraction period that can last 21 or 25 rounds. Players take turns to act, using their Action Point credit-rating, for a limited time. During the game, you can do the following:

  • use your transports to gather ore and bring it back to the Freighter.
  • create extra units (vehicles, etc.) using the mineral you've extracted and your Weather Hen.
  • weaken the opposition using your Destroyers to eliminate or capture his units.
  • threathen or hinder his movements by occupying appropriate hexagons (hexes).
  • capture one or more freighters to increase your own unit numbers, get more Action Points, and blast off at the end of the game with several freighters loaded with ore and units.
  • negotiate non-agression pacts and combined attack strategies to weaken a dangerous rival.
If things work out right, you'll take off at game turn 21 or 25 (each player chooses), with your cargo: 1 Victory Point per unit, and 2 Victory Points per block of ore. The player who ends with the highest number of Victory Points is the winner.

The Apple IIgs version of Full Métal Planète is fun and addictive. The game is greatly animated and the sound effects match the atmosphere of the game. It is not protected and is HDD-installable. The unique feature of the Apple IIgs version is that it can be played over an Appletalk network between 2 and 4 Apple IIgs and Macintosh machines. Note that Full Métal Planète requires a minimum of 2 MB of RAM.


Download the English version:

800 KB image

French / English / German manual (some persons should learn to read)

French manual