December 2023 - Apple II version by Antoine Vignau & Olivier Zardini.

Le mystère de Kikekankoi
(c) 1983-85, Laurent Benes et Loriciels

What is Le mystère de Kikekankoi?

The original game was written by Laurent Benes. Le mystère de Kikekankoi was published by the software game company Loriciels in 1983 and 1985 for the Oric and Amstrad CPC computers.
We wanted to port it to the Apple II as the platform lacks so many interesting French games of that era. We even made an English port. We got Laurent Benes' approval to release the Apple II version. We also thank XavSnap for the Oric version, Herve for the Amstrad version.
There are a couple of differences between the different versions, ours is in-between the two: no room for all musics, the poor HGR mode that made us remove the fill option. The energy mode can be switched on and off.

The plot

While fishing, you found a bottle: SOS! I'm being held by a mad scientist in an unknown city hidden behind the waterfall...
You have just traveled more than 500km to finally find, exhausted, the entrance to the caves which will lead you to the one who sent you a distress message. Listening only to your courage, you cross the waterfall.
Will you be able to get out of Kikekankoi and bring this girl back safe and sound?
This fully graphic and sound adventure game will transport you to a city full of mysteries.
There you will be able to do all the shopping necessary for your expedition, and rescue a beautiful young girl imprisoned in an unknown place.
But be careful, nothing is simple!
This adventure game will appeal to both your sagacity and your spirit of deduction; it includes nearly 150 words.

How to play?

Enter one or two word commands (eg. OPEN CLOSET, NORTH) and press return. If the command is recognized, the game engine will act accordingly. If you are stuck, please refer to the manual which contains the solution.

Some commands were added to the Apple II version:

  • CASE (EN: CASE) to switch between lower- and -upper case chars display,
  • ENERGIE (EN: ENERGY) to switch the energy countdown on and off,
  • QUITTER or FIN (EN: QUIT) to return to your preferred launcher,


.po disk image (143k, French)

.po disk image (143k, English)

Source code: