An original program developed in 2011 by Antoine Vignau for the Apple II platform.

    T40 is the result of a one-day programming session at home to answer to the request of Daniel "Krue" K. who has asked for a text screen editor. You know, be able to create 40x24 ASCII art screens that are used in programs/demos or as cracktros (intro screen of cracks).

    Please read the documentation for further information. The source code is included in the disk image.

    Current version is 1.3.1 (28/AUG/2011)

    Excerpt from the documentation:

    It is a 40x24 screen text editor. A perfect tool for creating ASCII art or cracktros.
    A big "Thanks" to Krue for the logo.
    Launch the startup BASIC program. Yeah! You're done!
    When you quit the program, your created ASCII art screen (interlaced) will be located at $2000, 
    just enter the following BASIC command to store it to disk:
    	BSAVE MYNAME,A$2000,L1024
    A second art screen (non-interlaced, each line is CR-terminated) is located at $2400, 
    enter the following BASIC command to store it to disk:
    	BSAVE MYTEXT,A$2400,L984
    - Arrows: move through the text screen
    - OpenApple-Arrows: scroll the text screen
    - Escape: store the text screen in the two buffers then quits
    - Return: move to the next line, same column
    - Ctrl-F: flip horizontally or vertically
    - Ctrl-OpenApple-F: mirror the screen
    	left -> right,
    	right -> left,
    	top -> down,
    	down -> top
    - Ctrl-I: invert all screen characters to flash, inverse or normal ones
    - Ctrl-L: move an ASCII art screen located at $2000 to the text screen
    - Ctrl-N: clear the entire screen
    - Ctrl-R: set the video mode (flash, inverse, normal)
    - Ctrl-S: move the text screen to the ASCII art buffer at $2000
    - Ctrl-Z: undo the last powerful command (flip, invert, mirror)
    - Ctrl-?: show the help screen (thanks to Krue)
    - OpenApple-DEL: toggle insert mode on or off
    - OpenApple-A: toggle between horizontal/vertical writing
    - OpenApple-D: delete line/column
    - OpenApple-F: set to Flash mode
    - OpenApple-H: hide/show cursor (until a key is pressed)
    - OpenApple-I: set to Inverse mode
    - OpenApple-M: insert line/column
    - OpenApple-N: set to Normal mode
    - OpenApple-Y: clear line/column
    - OpenApple-Z: toggle writing order (e.g. left to right or right to left)

    Download :

    140 KB disk image (v1.3.1)