Original utility developed by Antoine Vignau.

    That utility has been developed by Antoine Vignau when he was a member of the HackerForce team.

    Its objective is to offer 40/80-column, GR, DGR, HGR and DHGR screen making routines. As a member of a cracking band, we needed a tool to make our introduction screens, that utility fulfilled the need.

    There are different versions, I cannot tell the differences between them, just download! 80-column, DGR and DHGR routines do not work well with emulators.

    My rDOS 3.2 to rDos 3.3 program is also included.

    Download :

    disk 1 - 140 KB disk image

    disk 2 - 140 KB disk image

    disk 3 - 140 KB disk image

    disk 4 - 140 KB disk image