Original source code written in 2016 by Olivier Zardini and Antoine Vignau to test and support the 4play card by Alex Lukazi.

The 4play card is a quad digital joypad interface card for the Apple II. It brings great enhancements to the Apple II multiplayer capabilities. We like that card and we support it. We also include two versions of our patched Lode Runner, one for the Rev. A card and one for the Rev. B card, you will likely get the Rev. B one when you purchase it.

Cold boot the diskette or launch from GS/OS, BLOAD FP.DRIVER and BRUN TEST.FP

The source code is included. It is written in Merlin and has enough comments for you to understand how to program it.

* Alex Lukazi's 4play routines                                                  
* http://lukazi.blogspot.com/                                                   
* (c) 2016, Brutal Deluxe Software                                              
* http://www.brutaldeluxe.fr/                                                   
* Use them at your own risk ;-)                                                 
            mx    %11                                                           
            org   $1000                                                         
            lst   off                                                           
*---------- Entry point                                                         
            jmp   FPInitAll  ; Clear tables and variables                       
            jmp   FPFindAll  ; Find all 4play cards                             
            jmp   FPFindIt   ; Return 1st 4play card found (if any)             
            jmp   FPLoopIt   ; ...and you can continue looping                  
            jmp   FPReadDigital ; Read the joystick the new way                 
            jmp   FPSetAnalogClampValues ; Set the values for the old way       
            jmp   FPReadAnalog ; Read the joystick the old way                  
            jmp   FPReadTrigger ; Read buttons                                  
            jmp   FPReadTrigger1 ; Read buttons                                 
            jmp   FPReadTrigger2 ; Read buttons                                 
            jmp   FPReadTrigger3 ; Read buttons                                 
            jmp   FPSetSlot  ; Force 4play slot for...                          
            jmp   FPDirectRead ; ...a direct read of a joystick                 
*---------- Information                                                         
            asc   8d                                                            
            asc   "6502 4play routines v1.0"8d                                  
            asc   "(c) 2016, Brutal Deluxe Software"                            
            asc   8d                                                            

Download :

800 KB image

Lode Runner rev A 140 KB image

Lode Runner reb B 140 KB image