Original software on Apple IIgs by Antoine VIGNAU and Olivier ZARDINI in 1992 as Freeware.

    First public work on Apple IIgs by Brutal Deluxe Software. We hope you have noticed the evolution with our latest products !!! The game was modified for the u.s. market because of the 'Panic' girl... :-)

    Technical information about the game :

    - 5000 Assembly lines (Merlin 16+ for ever),
    - 4 'crazy' months of development,
    - "No Tools" human graphic interface,
    - Jokes everywhere... :-(,
    - Original SoundSmith Themes by Gold GS,
    - 'About' and 'Hall' pictures Art work by Dizzy,
    - 256 colors pictures modified with Antoine's draw program :-),
    - Display bugs (c) 1992 by Olivier :-(,
    - 'Pub and G point' stupid joke by Antoine,
    - Boot from disk.

    Few game screen shots :

    Download :

    800 KB image