One of our first desktop programs to display pictures and convert DreamGrafix pictures.

PicViewer v1.0.6 (November 2020) is one of our first FinderExtras extensions dedicated to Apple's System 6. In a few kilobytes, the user is able to view all of the Apple IIgs kinds of pictures, including 3200 color pictures. Its drawback is that it does not scroll with large images. It supports the following picture and animation formats:

	- Unknown (DYA)
	- Binary
	- French Format (APP & NRL)
	- PaintWorks
	- PackBytes
	- LZ4
	- APF
	- Screen
	- Animation w/virtual memory support!
	- DreamWorld GSLA animation w/virtual memory support! (
	- DreamGrafix
	- Icon image
	- 8-bit HGR images
	- 8-bit DHGR images

Convert2dg is a desktop application that allows conversion from and to DreamGrafix image file format. It is merely a variation of the LZW algorithm.

Download :

800 KB image (v1.0.6)

Sample animations 32MB image