Original software on Apple IIgs by Antoine VIGNAU and Olivier ZARDINI between 1992 and 1995 as a commercial product.

    Used, for the first time, as graphic utility to let us convert foreign computers pictures for all our games. Sold everywhere but France since early 1996 by Joe Kohn. Technical information about the software :

    - 36100 Assembly lines,
    - 3 years of development,
    - Original fast and intuitive human graphic interface,
    - Original / Fast unpacking and conversion algorithms,
    - Recognized graphic file formats : GIF, BMP, PCX, IFF, BIN, some TIFF,
    - Between 2 and 10 times faster than other similar products,
    - Batch conversion available,
    - Online documentation,
    - 'Bay watch' girl by Dizzy, Smiley face by Tym :-),
    - Few Easter Eggs available (let's hunt),
    - GS/OS Compatible, Hard drive installable.

    Commercial information :

    - Price : $15 (includes shipping/handling everywhere),
    - Ask Joe Kohn :
    - Joe Kohn, 166 Alpine Street, San Rafael, CA 94901-1008, USA,
    - For more informations : Joe WWW page
    Few software screen shots :

    Example of result pictures :
    The Apple IIgs screen is limited to 16 colors per line, in the 320*200 mode. Convert 3200 is able to generate, from a full 256 colors picture, pictures using all the Apple IIgs graphic modes :

    - Picture using 1 palette of 16 colors (grey scales or colors),
    - Picture using 16 palettes (we define 16 palettes of 16 colors),
    - Picture using 200 palettes (we associate 1 palette for each line).

    We indicate the time conversion (in second) for an Apple IIgs with a 9 Mhz Zip Chip.

    Original Picture : 320*200, 256 colors.

    Grey scales picture (16 colors), 1sec.

    1 palette picture (16 colors), 2 sec.

    16 palettes picture (256 colors), 5 sec.

    200 palettes picture (3200 colors), 21 sec.

    Convert 3200 doesn't use error diffusion algorithm, so, for grayscale conversion, especially with body or face pictures, other products may have a better result. The previous conversions have been done using the default values for all parameters. Of course, you should have better results if you modify them. In this case, you will have to perform several tests to find the correct values.

    Download :

    800 KB image