Original software on Apple IIgs by Antoine VIGNAU and Olivier ZARDINI.

    The first non-Apple ever-released File System Translator for the Apple IIGS GS/OS operating system handles rDOS 3.3 5.25 disks. The rDOS operating system is (c) Roland Gustafsson.

    rDOS 3.3 is our first File System Translator. It is a read-only FST and in a few kilobytes, the user is able to view and copy all of the files contained on an 5.25 disk.

    The package contains an Installer program which will copy two files to your startup disk:

    • AppleDisk5.25 driver
      An updated version of the 5.25 driver which includes three major changes:
      • Handles rDOS 3.3 interleaving disks
      • Handles more header markers than the Apple version: D4AA96 D5AA96
      • Does not check for the end header markers DEAA
    • rDOS3.3.FST file system translator

    Download :

    800 KB image