Apple IIgs adaptation by Antoine VIGNAU and Olivier ZARDINI in early 1995 as Freeware.

    This game has been created by Christer ERICSON in 1991 on Macintosh as shareware. Unix X-Window version by Der Mouse in 1992 (Xblockade).

    Thanks to Christer ERICSON for his approval about the conversion.

    Technical information about the IIgs version :

    - 8500 Assembly lines,
    - 1 'Christmas' month of development,
    - 80 levels to solve,
    - New human graphic interface,
    - Pictures coming from Macintosh version (converted with Convert 3200),
    - Use of 3D Studio on PC to generate the animation at the begining,
    - Sexy girl by Dizzy, boot animation by Djiin,
    - Sunday / Monday jokes (DO NOT check your system looking for hardware problems !!!)
    - GS/OS Compatible, Hard drive installable.

    Few game screen shots :

    Download :

    800 KB image