Original software of January 2012 on Apple IIgs by Antoine VIGNAU and Olivier ZARDINI.

Fishhead, the Caped Copier
Back up your files in a smart and convenient way

    Fishhead is a GS/OS desktop file copier application. It offers several features which make it a powerful software for diskette and file preservation purposes:
    • Attributes preservation
      All copied files keep their original date, time and other attributes (e.g. invisible or locked) information
    • Batch mode
      Removable devices can be ejected and Fishhead will wait for the next medium to be inserted before copying it, and so on
    • Error handling
      Fishhead does not stop on read errors, it copies as much data as possible
    • History log
      The program displays and saves a log file including the result for each copied file from the source disk

    Fishhead recursively copies files from a selected volume by chuncks of 256 bytes. The main idea is to recover as much data as possible from a bad medium. Fishhead has been tested (for months) on an Apple IIgs ROM 01 and ROM 3, with Appleshare (localtalk, netatalk) under System 6.0.1.

    The source code is not yet available.


    PDF (V1)

    2mg disk image (V1)

    SHK archive (V1)