January 2024 - Apple IIgs version by Antoine Vignau & Olivier Zardini.

Le retour du Dr Genius (The Return of Dr. Genius)
(c) 1984, Laurent Benes et Loriciels

What is Le retour du Dr Genius?

The original game was written by Laurent Benes, assisted by Karine Le Pors. Le retour du Dr Genius was published by Loriciels in 1984-1985 for the Oric and Amstrad CPC computers.
We wanted to port it to the Apple II as the platform lacks so many interesting French games of that era. We even made an English port. We got Laurent Benes' approval to release the Apple II version. We also thank XavSnap for the data of the game.
We ported the engine to the Apple IIgs to enhance the player's experience: more colors, better resolution, sounds and musics.

The plot

Dr. Genius strikes back and challenges the world. He gives humanity two weeks before destroying Earth. You are sent to his ship to try to destroy his weapons and stop Dr. Genius.

How to play?

You can skip the introduction by pressing the ESC key. Enter one or two word commands (eg. OPEN CLOSET, NORTH) and press return. If the command is recognized, the game engine will act accordingly. If you are stuck, please refer to the manual which contains the solution.

Some commands were added to the Apple IIgs version:

  • MUSIC to turn music on or off,
  • STOP to switch the time and energy countdowns on or off.


.2mg disk image (800k, French)

.2mg disk image (800k, English)

Source code: