August 2022 - Apple IIgs version by Antoine Vignau & Olivier Zardini.

Space Ace II : Borf's Revenge
© 1984, Sullivan Bluth

Ace looked at Kimberly, the baby Borf cradled in her arms and he thought back to all that had happened. It began when the evil adult Borf constructed his ultimate weapon - the Infanto Ray. It could transform anyone into a harmless infact with a single blast and with it, Borf had the power to vanquish the nations of Earth.

In a desperate fight with Borf to save the unwary populace of Earth, Ace was zapped by the weapon and transformed into a childlike alter ego named Dexter. Drained of his strength, Dexter's only help came from a special wrist-watch which, from time-to-time, provided him with enough power to energize into his former self, the mighty Space Ace. To make matters worse, Borf kidnapped Ace's beloved Kimberly and took her to his orbiting space station.

Enraged, Dexter started a furious race against time and deadly enemies to save Kimberly and the Earth. He battled lethal machines, vile monsters and evil robots until finally meeting Borf in a last, desperate struggle. Space Ace was almost defeated, but he outsmarted Borf and shot the villain with his own Infanto Ray.

Now Borf was nestled in Kimberly's caring arms, who had taken a liking to the adoring baby. She wanted to raise him in an attempt to keep Borf from becoming the villain he once was. Although Borf now seemed only an infant, the same evil persona lay hidden beneath that adorable blue face and he yearned to be restored to his former power.

Sitting not far from Ace and Kimberly, Borf's vicious little Goons planned their revenge. All they had to do was get the baby Borf back and use the Infanto Ray's reverse setting to restore him. Their plan was set and the Goons attacked giving Ace barely enough time to react as he saw the angry mob running towards him...

After booting your Apple IIgs with a system disk, or autobooting from a hard drive, insert Space Ace 2 disk #1 and double click the SpaceAce2 icon to begin the game.

To install Space Ace 2 on a hard drive, create a SpaceAce2 folder on your hard drive and copy the content of the 8 disks into it. To run Space Ace 2 from your hard drive, double click on the SpaceAce2 directory icon on your hard drive then double click on the SpaceAce2 Icon.

After the game has loaded the demo mode will automatically begin. The demo runs through couple of scenes from the first disk and then returns to the title screen and credits. To start playing the game simply press RETURN at any time. You will know the game has started when the choose game difficulty screen appears.

You will have to choose the level of difficulty that you want to face:
  • None: Simply watch the game running as a movie. No interaction required.
  • Easy: You will receive visual indications on screen about moves and fires.
  • Medium: You will receive visual indication about actions timing.
  • Hard: Arcade version (No visual indications provided).
You do not directly control all of Ace's actions, rather you control his reactions to the events that happen around him. As you watch the animation, you must decide in which direction Ace should move on the screen and when.

To finish a scene successfully you must make a move (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) or press the FIRE button when Ace is in danger. Timing is very critical and often you may make the correct move but at the wrong time. Also, many scenes require more than one move. If you are having trouble, watch the animation carefully and move Ace in the safest direction or if no direction is safe press the fire button to use Ace's laser gun or laser staff.

If you're sure you have the correct move try varying the time when you make the move, a little sooner or a little later. Don't be surprised if Ace doesn't move immediately after you have made a move. You must wait for the animation to finish and if you made the correct move(s) you will continue on to the next scene.

Don't be surprised when you see Dexter in one scene and Ace in another. Ace has been hit by the Infanto Ray once already and he transforms back and forth between some of the scenes. You have three lives and the game will end if you lose all of your lives or when you have completed all of the scenes.

From time to time it will be necessary to change the disk in the drive. After you have finished all the animations on a disk you will be asked to insert the next disk so that the game can continue. NEVER eject one of the game disks while you are playing, unless you are prompted, or you may damage the disk!

The way to control Ace is by using the numeric keypad on the keyboard or the arrow keys. The directions you will need are UP (8), DOWN (5), LEFT (4) and RIGHT (6). To use Ace's laster gun or staff you may press the '0' on the keypad or press ENTER or SPACE keys.

The game will come to end after you have lost three lives or if you press ESC key. To quit the game, simply press OpenApple-Q to go back to the Finder.

To save your position press the 'S' key during a scene and after you have successfully completed the scene. A disk icon will be displayed on the top left of the screen to let you know that your request has been taken into account. If you are playing from the disk, You will be prompted for Disk #1 and your position will be saved. You will be prompted again for the current game disk.

To load a saved game press the 'L' key during a scene. If you are playing from the disks, you will be prompted for Disk #1. Remove the game disk from the internal drive and replace it with the Disk #1. The last saved position will be loaded and you will be prompted for the appropriate game disk.

You can pause the game at any time by pressing the 'P' key on the keyboard. To continue to play, press any key and the game will resume.

You can toggle the audio off and on by pressing the 'A' key on the keyboard.

The Goons attack and Dexter must use his gun to shoot the Goons. Press the fire button when the Goons start running towards him and again when they start up the platform.

The game is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Tony DIAZ (1967-2021), who passed away while this game was being programmed. We miss him.

System Requirements:Apple IIgs ROM 01/3 with 1 MB RAM, one 3.5" disk drive, System 5.0.4
Recommended:Apple IIgs ROM 01/3 with 4 MB RAM, accelerator card, hard drive, System 6.0.1


.PO/.2MG Hard Drive image (6 MB)

.PO/.2MG Floppy Disks (8 x 800 KB)

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