September 2023 - Apple IIgs version by Antoine Vignau & Olivier Zardini.

Tout a disparu
A hypertext interactive fiction game
(c) 1992, François Coulon

What is Tout a disparu?

Written by François Coulon in 1992 for the Atari ST, Tout a disparu is a hypertext interactive fiction game. It contains three different stories, great pictures, and musics. The game is currently only available in French.
- "Heurts d'ouverture" ("Opening clashes") where Fred searches for Mona, the one he loves.
This story by François Coulon and illustrated by Sylvie Sarrat will take you to a fine sandy beach or to a nightclub. You will meet many characters to try to find Mona.

- "Cheek to cheek & ashes to ashes", reflections on the love in a couple between Renaud and his companion.
Written by François Coulon, Faustino Ribeiro with brushes, accompany this couple on the road to love. Will you be able to thwart all the traps to avoid a breakup and ensure a "Happy End"?

- "Un appel à la mémoire" ("A call to memory") where we follow the (end of) life of Mélanie Morin.
François Coulon, director, finds Laurent Cotton, for the drawings. He is in charge for this short episode where your choices will decide the life or death of Mélanie.

How to play Tout a disparu?

These stories are accompanied by music chosen randomly by the program, as well as images to reinforce immersion in the places visited. Each scene can include clickable links when the text is written in white characters One click allows you to choose the word, two clicks confirm your choice, your decision and thus condition the rest of the game. in your choices.

The navigation is done by hypertext links, it is thus more advanced than that used for "L'Egérie". The digital fiction associated with the theme of the loss of a loved one remains present in the three episodes in distinct forms that we invite you to discover while playing.

To play, nothing could be simpler: one click to select a word, two clicks to navigate. We have integrated some keyboard shortcuts:

  • apple-open-O to load a previously saved game,
  • apple-open-S to save a game in progress,
  • apple-open-? to read the online help,
  • apple-open-Z allows you to start or stop the music,
  • open-apple-R transports you to the choice of adventure,
  • apple-open-Q takes you back to the Finder.

If you want to know more about François Coulon, visit his site at

The game uses the Courier font in size 10. To be able to enjoy the music, we invite you to install the NTP+ Player tool. Both are available in the System directory of the floppy disk, copy them to the System/Fonts and System/Tools directories of your startup disk.


.2mg disk image (800k, French)

Source code: